What is KASE?

With the objective of skilling the young workforce of Kerala and elevating their skills to global standards for employment in India and abroad, the Government of Kerala has set up Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE), skill development mission of Government of Kerala as the nodal agency for all skill development activities of the state.


Kerala's strength lies in its human resource endowments. The state has a highly skilled educated, industrious renowned for its high adaptability. In this context Kerala Academy for Skills excellence has set up which will serve to be a hub for training the youth of Kerala so that they become competent internationally.

Who we are?

KASE is managed Advisory council headed by the Chief Minister as Chairman, Minister for Labour and Skills as Vice Chairman.
There is a Board of Directors of KASE with Principal Secretary as the Chairman.

How we work?

KASE work though the following models:

Centres of Excellence

KASE has launched an international outreach initiative - iSTEP (International Skill Training and Employability Programme), a single window web based approval system envisaged for faster, simpler and efficient processing required for setting up of Centres of Excellence (CoE) in various sectors. It aims at forming long term sustainable relationship for skill development and employability with international organisations, industries, industrial clusters and experts.

Community Skill Park

Kaushal Kendras are being set up as community skill centres focused on rural population with facilities for Language Lab, Digital Library, Assessment and Counselling Centre, and Multi Skill Rooms. The Language lab will impart Functional English for different levels from students to workers. There will a certification from a nationally or internationally renowned institution.

Accreditation Programme

Existing Skill Training Institutions with reputation can associate with KASE in getting themselves accredited so that they can enhance their reach and acceptance in gaining best candidates. Public gain more confidence in the services of accredited institutions when they know standards are checked and enforced. The KASE symbol is a means of identifying institutions that uphold and sustain high standards.

Skill Training Certificates

There will be skill training programmes of varying duration which will run parallel to normal education. The skill training programmes can be of various sectors ranging from retail, hospitality, robotics, banking and finance. The sectors will be selected after consultation with the respective institute authorities who are ready to provide infrastructure. There will be an industrial partner who will support the whole training programme. The successful candidates will receive certification from KASE and also placement opportunities.

What are the initiatives of KASE ?

For the successful setting up and running, the Employability Centres need participation of Government Departments, Government Agencies and also the private sector in select areas. The support of private sector is all the more important in the success of the project, as it depends solely on the employment opportunities created in private sector.

Role of Employment Exchange

1. Centres of Excellence in various sectors including
  • Nursing
  • Oil and Rig
  • Security Skill

Other centres are coming up in various sectors

2. Kaushal Kendras

Kaushal Kendras are being set up as community skill centres focused on rural population. The first two Kaushal Kendras have been started functioning at Kollam and Kozhikode in first phase. It is being set up in all districts in the next phase.


1. Digital Library linking world class libraries.
2. Language Labs to give fluency in Foreign Languages.
3. Career Counselling Centre for Career Guidance.
4. World-class teaching through Virtual Class Rooms.

3. Accreditation

Organizations conducting skill training courses in various sectors, who are looking for accreditation from Govt. of Kerala, can apply in this category.Identified skill training courses will be given accreditation from KASE, subject to adherence of accreditation conditions, through a high level committee of experts constituted for the purpose.

KASE has conferred accreditation to the following institutes

  • Hedge school of Applied Economics
  • Lili Academy of Scientific Electrolysis

Other institutes are being accredited.

4. Skill Development Programs

ASSET Programme

5. Construction Academy

6. Kerala State Institute of Design

What is the role of KASE?

KASE's key roles are:

1. To catalyse and enhance the role of corporate and private sector in skill development.

2. KASE is entrusted with the task of HRD process for converting traditional employment exchanges into employability centres.

3. KASE has initiated a conscientisation programme aimed at bringing respect and dignity to blue-collar jobs.

At the end of the course, what certifications will I receive?

The Certification from KASE is validated by all important institutions and employers.

What is the eligibility for your programs?

Each programme has specific eligibility criteria. For more information go to specific pages.

Where can I find information on training?

If you have any questions that we haven't covered here or if there is anything you would like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch with our Counsellor or Reach us through 0471- 2735949/ 2735856.

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