SL.NO INSTITUTIONS Valid Till (Extension of accreditation is subject to revised guidelines and evaluation only) LOCATION SECTOR WEBSITE KASE Accredited Courses
1. Hedge School of Applied Economics 11.07. 2018. Ernakulam Banking Financial Services and Insurance www.schoolofhedge.com 1. Certification in Financial services Marketing/ Operations
2. Project guidance in services/ marketing/ financial services operations
3. Internships in services/ marketing/ financial services operations
4. Foundation program in Banking and Financial Services
2. LILI Academy of Scientific Electrolysis 11.07. 2018. Ernakulam Beauty and Wellness www.lilielectrolysis.com Diploma in Scientific Electrolysis
3. Induscan Petroleum Nilambur 17.08. 2018. Malappuram Mechanical Construction (Oil and Petroleum) www.induscan.net 1. Quality Control Engineer
2. Quality Control Inspector
3. Skilled Engineer - Quality Control
4. SMEC Automation 16.08. 2018. Ernakulam Industrial Automation www.smecautomation.com Certified Automation Engineer
5. ATHEOS Institute of Skill Excellence 09.08.2018. Palakkad Hospitality www.atheos.edu.in 1. Housekeeping attendant
2. Kitchen Steward
3. Food and Beverage trainee
6. Dhanwanthari Educational and Charitable Society 15.08. 2018. Thodupuzha, Idukki Ayurveda www.dhanwanthari.org 1. Ayurveda Pharmacy
2. Ayurveda Nursing
3. Panchakarma Therapy
7. Infoprism Solutions (P) Ltd 30.01.2018. Thrissur Multimedia www.smartinfoprism.com Professional Diploma in Multimedia and Animation
8. Terrafirm Projects (P) Ltd 04.04.2018 Alwaye Architecture and Interior Design www.terrafirm.in 1. Pearson L3 Subsidiary Diploma in Art& Design + Certificate in Interior Design
2. Pearson L3 Subsidiary 90 credit Diploma in Art& Design + Diploma in Interior Design
3. Pearson L4 HNC Diploma in 3D Design + Advanced diploma in Interior Design
9. INTERCAD Systems Pvt Ltd 10.07.2018 Thiruvananthapuram Computer Aided Designing www.intercadsys.com 1. Diploma In Civil CAD (AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, STAAD & MSP)
2. Diploma In Architecture CAD (AutoCAD, 3DS Max Design, Revit Architecture & Sketch UP)
3. Revit Architecture
4. 3DS Max Design
5. Diploma in Mechanical CAD (AutoCAD, Fusion 360, PTC Creo or CATIA & MSP)
6. PTC Creo
7. AutoCAD
10. INCAETEK 10.07.2018 Thiruvananthapuram Product Design and Simulation incaetek.com Engineering job skilling as per National Occupational Standard (NSQF level 5/6/7 QPs) for Graduates & Professionals in Product Development - Design, CAE, RPT & Testing
11. EPICA Animatica 10.07.2018 Ernakulam Multimedia and Animation ariesepica.com 1. Diploma programme in 3D Animation
2. Diploma programme in 2D Animation
3. Modeling
4. Lighting
5. Diploma programme in VFX
12. Sports Management and Research Institute 03.10.2018 Ernakulam Sports Management www.smri.in 1. PG Diploma in Sports Management
2. Advanced Diploma in Sports Business
3. Certified Sports Manager
4. Advanced Diploma in Sports Engineering
13. BLITZ Academy 23.10.2018 Ernakulam Civil and Mechanical QA/QC www.blitzacademy.org 1. Civil QA/QC
2. Quantity Surveying
3. Mechanical QA/QC
4. Piping & Pipeline Engineering
5. Welding Inspection
6. NDT ASNT level II
7.Diploma in Oil and Gas
9.Construction Management
10.MEP Engineering
14. Thoughts Academy 23.10.2018 Thiruvananthapuram Life Skill Training and Development www.thoughtsacademy.com Certifed Learning and Development Professionals
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